Shakin’ Stick Nick’s Tropic Tumble

Shakin Stick’ Nick, Foggy Crosswinds Airport’s trusty pilot, and manager, always enjoyed the thrill of his covert CIA missions. The code name? Operation Cocoa Loco. And it was just as crazy as it sounded.

He was flying over the lush Yucatan jungle, transporting some of Columbia’s finest… flowers (if the CIA asks, they were definitely flowers), when his plane started to sputter. “Great,” he grumbled, slapping the dashboard, “What’d they fuel this thing with, tequila?”

Without a choice, Nick guided his plane toward a clearing, thinking, “Well, at least I’ll have a good tan by the end of this…” Down the plane went, crashing through trees and finally skidding to a stop in a conveniently placed riverbed.

As he emerged from the wreckage, dusting off his cowboy hat, he was met by an unbelievable sight. A band of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen, each one more stunning than the last, all seemingly living in the middle of the jungle. They looked surprised but not frightened, which Nick found a bit offensive. He was, after all, known as “The Man Who Shook the Skies.”

Las Chicas Salvajes

They called themselves Las Chicas Salvajes, The Wild Girls, and they seemed to have everything one could ever need to live in the jungle: shelter, food, and even a little jungle distillery making what they called “Jungle Juice.” Lucky for Nick, it tasted suspiciously like airplane fuel.

Nick’s spirits were soon lifted by the girls’ laughter and hospitality. They helped him siphon some “Jungle Juice” into the plane, occasionally laughing at his awkward attempts to use a machete or build a fire.

“Please, Nick,” one said that called herself Hera, chuckling as she effortlessly split a log in half, “Let us handle the heavy lifting. You just relax. It will take all night to make enough Jungle Juice. I guess we have to find something to do while we wait.”

The day after…

With the plane refueled, and Nick a bit too thanks to the “Jungle Juice”, he was ready to get back in the air. As he took off, he tipped his cowboy hat to the lovely ladies of the jungle, promising, “Ladies, you ever need a lift, you know where to find me!”

And with that, Shakin’ Stick Nick was off again, leaving behind a cloud of dust, a legend of his visit, and a few very amused jungle-dwelling women.